Competition Pro Bono Scheme Process

To access this free legal advice service, you must accept the Scheme’s conditions. This also provides helpful information on how the Scheme operates.

If you accept our conditions you will be directed to an Application Form. Please fill in your contact details and provide a brief summary of your query and the parties involved. Once you have submitted this, the information will be automatically forwarded to our Scheme Administrator.

If your enquiry is within the scope of the Competition Pro Bono Scheme, the Scheme Administrator will contact you by email and provide you with the contact details of the next available Advisor. Making an application does not guarantee that an Advisor will be found to deal with your query.

Each Advisor is committed to providing up to two hours of free legal advice to you concerning the possible impact of the European Union Competition Rules and/or national Competition Law on your business activities in the United Kingdom, or other parts of the European Economic Area.

You are not required to pay an application fee or reimburse any costs for using this service.

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